Thank You To All Our Payroll Giving Donors 2013

2013 has been an excellent year for generating PRG donations for local good causes.

Chartering new territory we have been thrilled to be a part of the movement to support local charities delivering services to some of the most vulnerable residents in our communities.  We would just like to say THANK YOU very much for all of your donations, the small ones make a huge difference, the large ones move mountains and collectively we are changing lives.

When we hear from the recipient charities and the difference made to their beneficiaries, we are not surprised at the generosity of people from this area but what has surprised us is that considering the tough year many people have had financially we have continued to see an increase in both donors signing up and the amounts given.  Whilst this is fantastic news, our numbers are still small so please read our webpages and talk about Payroll Giving to friends and colleagues and family.  We need to encourage more people to make it their way of giving in 2014.

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decorated_christmas_treeThe GiveHEY team would like to wish all our readers Happy Christmas & wonderful  New Year!





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