St Nicholas Headteacher Becomes a Payroll Giving Donor

We are delighted to welcome our latest new donor Caroline Skipper, Headteacher of St Nicholas Primary School on Cottingham Road, Hull.

Caroline explained why she chose payroll giving as her preferred way to give and how she made the difficult choice of which charities to support:

I wanted to do it this way because it is difficult to deal with cold callers who are asking for money for different charities. They are very persuasive, lots of different charities ring me and I either give in or feel guilty for refusing. Now I can firmly say that I pay money from my wages to the charities of my choice without the pressure.  

I chose mental health focused charities for a range of reasons, including knowing that mental health agencies are really under financial pressure at the moment; gratitude for the help and support they have given to members of my family and I am particularly passionate about supporting our children’s and young people’s self-esteem and wellbeing.

Feedback from one of Caroline’s chosen charities:
Recycling Unlimited

We really appreciate your donation which you are making to the charity. We do rely on support from people and ‘Payroll Giving’ makes a great contribution to that. The donations we receive enable us to provide much needed support to people struggling to manage mental health problems and improve their quality of life. Thank you.

Recycling Unlimited


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