Hull City Council

HCC_logo_mainHull City Council recognise and values the charitable work carried out by the local voluntary and community sector in the city.  Many smaller, less well-known charities carry out extraordinary work across communities in Hull, often providing a vital lifeline to some of our most vulnerable residents.

With this in mind, we have teamed up with GiveHEY to introduce and promote a new payroll giving service within the Council.  This employee-led service is an easy way for staff to make a difference to their local community by donating to charities through their pay.

We hope our support for this service encourages other employers to consider payroll giving as part of a city-wide approach to corporate social responsibility.  Hull has always had a great sense of community and by working together to promote payroll giving we can help make a real difference to local people and communities.

Darryl Stephenson

Chief Executive



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