Setting up a Payroll Giving Scheme

As a HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) approved Payroll Giving Agency we have a simple registration process supported by a simple contract.  Once a contract has been signed, you just have to set up your payroll system for Payroll Giving. All modern payroll systems can be set up to handle Payroll Giving and there are no extra tax forms to fill in. You can then offer the scheme to your employees.  Your own administrative costs should be very low and any extra costs can be set against your profits for tax purposes.

Your participating employees choose which charities they support and they can keep this confidential if they wish by sending donor forms directly back to us.  We notify you of receipt by sending you the first part of the form once we have logged all of the information.

If your company supports a particular charity your employees can use Payroll Giving to make donations to that too. But your employees must always be free to give to any charity they want to.