Businesses: Introduction

Payroll giving is a great way in which you can support your staff whilst promoting commitment to social responsibility with minimal cost.  In fact there is no cost other than the small amount of time taken to administer payments and tax relief can be claimed for this as an allowable expense.  In addition, employees get relief on their donations so that the donation actually costs them less!

Not only can a payroll giving scheme enhance employee relations, improve morale and teamwork it can create a positive public perception of an organisation and at the same time generate a regular income for great causes which means the charities can concentrate their efforts on their work rather than on fundraising.

As an employer you chose how much you want to get involved.  You can simply set up and run the scheme or you can do more such as make a donation to the charities chosen by your employees; match the employee’s donation; adopt a charity of your own mirroring the giving of your staff, set up a freedom account whereby sums of money can be accrued and donated to any charity chosen at a later date;  pay the 4% administration fee which would otherwise be taken off the donation, in fact we can tailor your giving in an infinite number of ways.

There is no obligation for employers to set up payroll giving scheme, however, apart from the obvious benefits in terms of social responsibility, payroll giving through us gives an employer an online account summarising the collective giving of its own employees (and supplemented by any additional giving from the employer).  The account page can be further personalised and linked to the company’s own website promoting and demonstrating its commitment as a socially responsible employer.

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