Employees : Introduction

Payroll giving is a great way of giving on a regular basis with minimum hassle that allows you to give more whilst paying less because of the tax efficiencies it attracts.  It also means that the charities you support get a regular income so that they can concentrate on what they do rather than on fundraising.


Give More Whilst Paying Less:


Employee Donation Received by Charity Basic rate taxpayer (20% Tax) Higher rate taxpayer (40% Tax) Additional rate taxpayer (45% Tax)
Tax Relief Cost to Donor Tax Relief Cost to Donor Tax Relief Cost to Donor
£5 £1.00 £4.00 £2.00 £3.00 £2.25 £2.75
£10 £2.00 £8.00 £4.00 £6.00 £4.50 £5.50
£20 £4.00 £16.00 £8.00 £12.00 £9.00 £11.00
£50 £10.00 £40.00 £20.00 £30.00 £22.50 £27.50


Who can I donate to?

You can donate to any UK registered charity, or unregistered charity that has been accepted by HMRC as a charity for UK tax purposes. If you want to give to a small local charity that is less well known you may find it on our website, if not please give as much detail as possible on your donor form so that we can check its eligibility to receive payroll giving.  If your group is found to be ineligible or we are unable to find it from the information provided, we can direct your gift to another charity with similar aims until you are able to revise your nomination.

You can nominate your charity confidentially by returning your donor form directly to us. We will only send the first part of the form to your employer.  You can also remain anonymous to your chosen charity by indicating so on the form.  Our website will still give you updates and log your giving regardless of this.

We will be encouraging your chosen charity to update their information regularly on our website so you can see how your donation is impacting upon their work.

How much can I donate?

There is no upper or lower limit to how much you give, and if you wanted to split your donation across a number of charities we can accommodate it.  Some of the charities we showcase describe the kind of things they can do with £5 and more a month – so this will give you a real idea of what your donation can achieve whatever its size.

Because Payroll Giving is taken straight from your gross (pre tax) pay there is no need for the charity you choose to physically claim the tax back through Gift Aid from HMRC, saving them money in administration costs.

If you are a higher rate taxpayer, Payroll Giving is the ONLY way that a charity can automatically receive your donation including what would normally be taxed at the higher rate.

You can check your donation each month on your payslip and you will be able to track your giving via your own personal account on this website.

If your employer has not registered already they will need to chose a Payroll Giving Agency, who will handle all monies donated through the scheme and are regulated by HMRC.  If they choose us, they will also receive access to their own account via this website where they will be able to see the cumulative giving of their employees.  They may also chose to support that giving with donations of their own which will help set them apart from their competitors, boost morale amongst staff raising their profile amongst local charities and the community.

Providing your employer is registered, once your donation form is received by your employer’s payroll department, your first deduction will occur following the next payroll run.  If your employer is not registered, it is a relatively simply process and should not delay your giving for very long.

You can amend your payments or stop giving at any time and just need to contact your employer to do so.  If you leave employment Payroll Giving will automatically stop, so if you want to continue with a new employer, you will need to contact your new payroll department to start giving through the scheme again.

If you want to nominate new or additional charities you can do this through your account on this website, but will also need to inform your employer if you wish to increase (or decrease) your overall donation.

A small administration fee of not more than 4% covers operating costs for payroll giving agencies who are themselves charities.  Some employers pay this fee as part of their own contribution which means the nominated charities then receive the full donation.

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