Yorkshire Beekeepers Association (Beverley)

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37 Beechfield Drive
East Yorkshire
HU10 6DF


07773 171 992

Email: enquiry@beverleybeekeepers.co.uk

About Us

YKBA promotes beekeeping throughout Yorkshire, providing education, training and support for the members and informing the public at large. We work especially with children teaching them about the role of the honeybee in our natural ecology.

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Good Bee Keeping Plants

It is time to sow hardy annual flowers to give them a chance to grow into sturdy seedlings before the cold weather sets in. This will provide you with good early flowers for the bees next year. Suitable plants to sow now are Cornflowers, English Marigolds, California Poppy, Corn Cockle ,Larkspur and Poached Egg plant. It is much cheaper to grow them from seeds than to try and source mature plants. These can either be sown directly onto weed free soil ( any weeds including grass will soon out compete them) .Or they can be sown into module trays giving the seedlings a chance to get a bit larger before being planted out towards the end of October.


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