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About Us

Oakwood Dog Rescue - Winner of Charity of the year 2014 in the Goole & Howdenshire Business Excellence Awards

Oakwood Dog Rescue was set up by Gill Williams; founder of Oakwood Canine Services in 2009, initially to support clients who could no longer take care of their dogs for whatever reason. The not for profit organisation has since grown, and now rescues dogs from across the UK. Based in Hull on Sutton Fields, near Kingswood, Gill is now assisted by a great team who, work tirelessly to take in, assess and re-home as many dogs as possible.
Oakwood Dog Rescue may have to CLOSE PERMANENTLY on 01/01/16

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Our Latest News

It costs approximately £6,000 a month to run a rescue and we’re not even coming close to covering our operating costs. The rescue centre is in debt to the tune of £13,000 at the moment and this is growing month on month. We have to pay rent, heating, water, telephone bills, vet bills, flea treatment, worming…. the list goes on and on and on.

We wouldn’t have made it this far without the dedication of our staff and volunteers doing street collections but the money coming in from these is rapidly declining we simply cannot keep covering our monthly outgoings. A couple of bad collections in the poor weather and the vet bill for Bruno’s surgery (to read more about Bruno, CLICK HERE) left us with just £47 in our bank account.

We’re incredibly grateful that we have a minimal food bill thanks to your generosity and also we get lots of items donated which we can sell or recycle to make money, but this takes up time and is inconsistent. We wish we could pay the rent with love and Chappie but the landlord isn’t impressed when our rent is late EVERY month and our dedicated staff are NEVER paid on time. Between them they regularly work 100 plus hours a month for free because they care so much and there’s just no money to pay them.

Our major problem is a consistent flow of cash. We need a minimum of £2,000 per month to cover our basic bills.


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How Donations Will Be Used

Any amount donated will be used to maximum effect to pay vet bills, food bills for the dogs, worming and flea treatments, water, heating and bedding. If we can get regular donations that can be counted on we MAY YET save the Oakwood Dog Rescue and we cannot give up – there are too many dogs that need our help.