Charities : Introduction

So what’s your story? ………….  GiveHEY promotes support for local charities and enables donors to give through their payroll.  Our unique approach generates interest because donors can actually see what a difference their donation makes right on their own doorstep.

The success of attracting donors is down to capturing and showcasing the work you do and the difference you make.  We depend upon you to supply progress, new ambitions and new challenges so that we can continue to attract new donors and maintain those already committed.  Your personalised account page will be accessible by you and your donors so that they can gain a true sense of the difference their contributions can make.

For donors, payroll giving is a very simple and hassle free way of making contributions to charities on an ongoing basis.  For employers who deduct the donations from the employees net pay, they get the kudos of supporting the scheme and get to shout about the cumulative giving of their employees though we also encourage employer contribution wherever possible.

For charities themselves Payroll Giving can provide a regular, reliable unrestricted income that once there are economies of scale, can allow a charity to plan ahead and budget for the future.  This reduces the need and cost of fundraising and the huge amount of resource this can take.

We manage the funds and pay donations straight into your bank account (an administration fee of no more than 4% is retained and is sometimes covered by employers).  Payroll giving allows you to receive the full donation inclusive of any higher rate tax without having to reclaim tax at a later date again saving you administrative costs.

Payroll Giving donations received by you are exempt from tax in your hands as long as the donations are used for charitable purposes. If the donations are used for non-charitable purposes they lose their tax exemption.

It is in your interest to keep your account profile up to date and report how you use your donations, donors will be keen to know how their support impacts upon the work that you do and what it means to your beneficiaries on an ongoing basis.

If you are not already registered with us all you need to do is provide your details and write a short profile about your charity and how you will use funds received through payroll giving which you will need to update on a regular basis.

To receive Payroll Giving donations you must be either a registered Charity, have a Tax Office charity reference number or be a voluntary / community group with wholly charitable objectives.  If you are a voluntary or community group and not registered as a charity please complete the ‘New Charity Registration’ form below and forward a signed copy of your group’s constitution to

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